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Expert Installation of Concrete Coatings

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Garden State Garage Floor Coating is an independent, family-owned and operated dealership of GarageFloorCoating.com (GFC). Using GFC’s Eco-Corflex Molecular Industrial Polymers product line, we specialize in the installation of epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea-polyaspartic concrete floor coatings.

Our industrial-grade products, innovative chip blends, and application techniques remain a benchmark in the garage floor coating industry. We’re definitely not a “1-day” installation company! Our full-chip proprietary coatings are applied professionally, mitigating for moisture, over two days, using 100%-solids products. Because of this, our full-chip installations are backed by a real lifetime warranty (as long as you own your home). Unlike our “1-day” competition, we have no hidden warranty exclusions…we fully warrant against all moisture-related issues and staining due to plasticizer migration.

Innovation Meets Industrial-Grade Concrete Coatings 

We’re different from many of the coating companies out there. We don’t get caught up in the “1-day” systems craze, and instead, we maintain our commitment to high-quality, industrial-grade installations. Our full-chip coating systems consist of a doubly-thick, moisture-mitigating primer coat, a full-chip spread of your chosen proprietary chip blend, and two coats (not one) of our high-grade, clear 100%-solids polyaspartic. The result is a 35-mil thick coating system, making our concrete flooring far more resilient than any wafer-thin “1-day” system.

A Variety of Options

At Garden State Garage Floor Coating, each of our full-chip system series are offered in a host of colors to match your taste and decor. Our Ultra series of thermoplastic chip blends come in 12 great colors, from mixed browns and beiges to silvers and dark grays. Our three mica-stone infused series – Earth Effects, Bagari SE and Vintage Mica – come in 10 stunning blend options each. Forty-two proprietary blends that’ll make your gray, stained slab of concrete a beautiful extension to your home.

What are the Benefits?

What are the benefits of professionally installed epoxy, polyurea-polyaspartic flooring? Besides the aesthetics, our installed flooring is moisture resistant and incredibly durable, resisting impacts, chipping and scratching. And our floor coatings provide extreme UV, moisture and stain resistance. Oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, road salt, dust, grime and other chemicals can be wiped up quickly and easily, making for trouble-free maintenance! And by upgrading your garage or basement with our epoxy, polyurea-polyaspartic flooring, you’ll increase the value of your home by increasing its livable space. A coated 2-car garage (that can double as a gym, home office or man-cave), would increase your livable space by at least 400 square feet.

What’s the Cost?

Our flooring is competitively priced. And because we install commercial-grade, 35-mil flooring, fully warranted against moisture and hot-tire transfer, you’re getting more “bang-for-the-buck” than you would with a “1-day” system. We frequently offer free upgrades from our Ultra system (which uses standard thermoplastic chip blends) to our one-of-a-kind, mica-stone infused Earth Effects, Bagari SE or Vintage Mica coating systems. Ask your estimator if this upgrade is in effect in your area!


In our second polyaspartic clear topcoat (remember that we apply 2 coats, not 1), we incorporate a polypropylene aggregate. We call it “anti-skid” because it provides a roughness to the floor that minimizes possible slippage. And we can adjust the type of anti-skid used within your coating system to reflect your level of concern. There are multiple anti-skid options, from polypropylene spheres and our own “GFC Media” to more aggressive (but rarely used) aggregates like quartz and aluminum oxide.

Garages and More

Our concrete floor coatings will turn your garage into the talk of the town. This is especially true with our stunning mica-stone infused flooring…Earth Effects, Bagari SE and Vintage Mica… that will literally make your floor sparkle. But despite our name, we install our coatings in more than just garages! Exterior patios, walkways and driveways to interior kitchens, basements and office spaces. We coat large warehouses, restaurants, parking garages and airplane hangars. Winter, spring, summer and fall…residential, retail and commercial! Any time, any space.

We’ll Fix Your Damaged Concrete

Our floor coatings can also be used to conceal minor and major concrete imperfections such as surface cracks, efflorescence, pitting and breaks. Once applied, these low- to no-VOC systems provide anti-dust properties as well and are the easiest coatings to keep clean. (Most dust originates from the cement floor itself! It then gets circulated and tracked throughout your home or work space).

Call Us and Relax

Just choose your preferred full-chip blend and we’ll handle the rest. Our bar is high. At Garden State Garage Floor Coating, we’re committed to both high quality installations and exceptional customer service. Beginning with design and throughout installation, we guarantee a worry-free process.

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